Recent Engagements

9-16-16 MUDD Group- Cedar Falls, IA

8-31-16 VGM Corporation- Waterloo, IA

8-22-16 Central Lee Community Schools- Donnellson, IA

8-19-16 Aplington Parkersburg Community Schools- Parkersburg, IA

8-10-16 Asgrad DEKALB Seed- Waterloo, IA

6-23-16 Lennox Corporation, Leadership and Management- Marshalltown, IA

6-16-16 University of Chattanooga Wresting- Chattanooga, TN

5-25-16 NCAA Division III National Track Meet, All Athletes and Coaches- Waterloo, IA

5-18-16 Iowa Valley Community College, Administration and Leadership- Eldora, IA

5-15-16 NAIFA National Financial Advisors Awards

5-12-16 Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals- Des Moines, IA

4-29-16 Ed Thomas Leadership Academy- Des Moines, IA



Other Previous Engagements


American Family Insurance-Madison, WI & New Orleans, LA

Iowa Department of Transportation-Ames, IA

TD Williamson-Dallas, TX

Ag Reliant Genetics-St. Louis, MO

Iowa Highway and Bridge Builders-Des Moines, IA

Absolute Concrete Inc.-Ames, IA

VGM Group-Waterloo, IA

Mudd Advertising-Cedar Falls, IA

Farmer State Bank-Waterloo, IA

Ed Thomas Leadership Academy-Parkersburg, IA

Iowa Leukemia Board of Directors-Des Moines, IA

Ruffalo Cody-Cedar Rapids, IA

Telegraph Herald Newspaper Annual Area Top Athlete Banquet-Dubuque, IA

University of Iowa College of Medicine-Iowa City, IA

North Dakota State University Football-Fargo, ND

St. Cloud State Wrestling-St. Cloud, MN

Grand View College Wrestling-Des Moines, IA

USA Wrestling Dream Team-Independence, IA

Wisconsin College Wrestling Coaches-Riverfalls, WI

Iowa High School Athletic Directors-Des Moines, IA

University of Northern Iowa Football & Wrestling-Cedar Falls, IA

Independence Community Schools-Independence, IA

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